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Private events

Events at the Cinematheque


Five luxurious halls of different sizes, training rooms, reception area, cafe and restaurant.

The Cinematheque hosts employee events, customer conferences, launch events, study days, private foundations, birthdays for all ages and more.

The Cinematheque has state-of-the-art media, best projection options and a wealth of solutions for artistic content in accordance with the theme of the event.

For further details, please contact the Cinematheque’s events department

Email eruim@cinema.co.il

Cinematheque compound

The Cinematheque has five new and spacious halls:

Hall 1 – 348 seatsA map

אולם 1 – 348 מושביםמפה

Hall 1 – 348 seatsA map

Hall 1 – 348 seatsA map

Hall 1 – 348 seatsA map

Hall 1 – 348 seats

Hall 1 – 348 seats

Hall 1 – 348 seats

Hall 1 – 348 seats

The Gallery at the Tel Aviv Cinemateque

An exhibition area for the presentation of photography and art works in the lobby of the Tel Aviv Cinemateque was established with the intention of connecting and making accessible works of art in connection with film and culture to the general public visiting the Cinematheque. Every year there are temporary exhibitions of artists and artists, of various film festivals and the like. The exhibition area is open to the general public and entrance is free.

Opening hours: All weekdays 10:00 am to 22:00

Invitation to Gallery TalkOn Friday 17.11 there will be a gallery talk with

The artist Carmia Rothbatt at 11:00

The artist Ronit Zubner and the curator Ayelet Amorai Biran at 12:00



Carmia Rothbatt


An exhibition of paintings showing portraits of people from politics and icons of popular culture.


Cracks and what is in between

Ronit Tsubner

Curator: Ayelet Amorai Biran


An exhibition of paintings

Gallery Talk will be held on November 17 at 12:00

Text accompanying an exhibition by Ronit Zubner

Curator: Ayelet Amorai Biran

The initial idea to draw cracks was created after I returned from Iceland … We had a site of muddy mud pits and smoke clouds rising in the ground … The ground was cracked and open and I found myself a close-up camera of the cracks … In Iceland there is the big rift that really separated the The American continent from Europe … We walked in this huge rift / crack when we were in America and then in Europe … before that I had a series of photographs of chipped and peeling walls … and lately … The daily encounter with the mirror reminds me of a daily reminder that everywhere there are cracks, Between them and sometimes even within them reveals an entire world … beautiful and good … “(Ronit Tsubner).
Ronit shifts the searchlight to the cracks and what is between them, as if she is attracted to places that are not completely complete: the cracks, the fragments, the dark ones, are what bring her curiosity back. She wants to peek through them, to look at what is inside and beyond. The prevailing thought is that it is worth fixing cracks and cracks that open in the walls of the house, and during life, for a crack or a tear that does not heal or repair them ends up growing and bringing destruction to the destruction of the whole. Zubner’s invitation is a moment to stop, to observe, to love the present and not necessarily to aspire immediately. There is also beauty in the broken clay … There is also beauty in what has cracked and withered.

Ronit, born in Israel, 1950. Lives and works in Tel Aviv. A graduate of the Avni Institute of Art, she studied sculpture, painting and prints with artists Batia Magal, Yoav Shuali, Smadar Katz, Baruch Skitzer, Drora Ben Dori, and for the past ten years she regularly participates in Bruria Hessner’s painting workshop. For more than 25 years she has been figuratively sculpting in bronze and stone. “The physical, rhythmic, and 3D dimensions fascinated me.” “I painted a figurative painting in oil with the artist Yoav Shu’ali, and I felt that I had become a good technician, but I was still not free in my expression.
I moved to Bruria Hessner’s painting workshop where I opened up to the world of color and freedom.
My work process is not conscious. The encounter with the white canvas is always joyful and exciting. The work begins with the dispersion of various color stains. Loves the soft connections that merge during the creative process.

Invitation to participate in a group exhibition

A call to a plastic art exhibition on the subject of seventy years of Israeli cinema


Israeli cinema, together with the state, celebrates seventy years of existence in April 2018. Movies like Saleh Shabati, Policeman Azoulay, Beaufort, Waltz with Bashir, Ajami and a footnote are just a few examples of the tremendous contribution of Israeli cinema to Israeli culture.
This appeal is directed at artists who will deal with their work by quoting or referring to themes, ideas, patterns and representations that have appeared in Israeli films over the years and have left their mark on the artists. The exhibition, which will take place in the beautiful space of the Tel Aviv Cinematheque in April 2018 (from 3.4.18 to 25.4.18), will seek to present interpretations of contemporary Israeli filmmaking, including films that left a mark, stars that accompanied us and even references to important film photographers, The film establishment itself in Israel.
The aim of the exhibition is to present the position of the plastic artists (painters / photographers) on these subjects. The exhibition seeks, on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel and the Israeli cinema that is part of it, to collaborate between two seemingly different media, one static and touching the perception of space and the other wandering and referring mainly to the perception of time.
(Artists and photographers) are invited to contact Dr. Avivit Agam Dali, with suggestions for images (5-7 pictures will be enough) and details about the size of the works. avivitagam@gmail.com


The Israel Festival is visible

Sponsored by the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption

6.10 to 31.10

Previous Exhibitions:

Last generation

Leonid Padrul | Ellina Kwitkovsky | Yuliana Gorkorov



Artist Leonid Federol and producer Alina Kbitkovsky began to discuss the Qumran Scrolls by participating in a National Geographic expedition to the Qumran caves in 2002. As a photography artist, this was a rare opportunity to expose the depths of the caves, which influenced him to a great extent. The first exhibition created under the theme was “Shadow of Jerusalem”, which was presented for seven years around the world with the support of the Foreign Ministry.

The preoccupation with the Scroll of War (“The War of the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness”), dating to the first century BCE, inspired the next project, “The Last Generation.”
In the term “last generation” we wish to hint at the end of days. According to the Qumran community, the end of days symbolizes the end of evil, the end of the familiar reality, the correction of the present and the beginning of a world that is all good: a reality in which there is no injustice and pain, and where the righteous are fully rewarded for happiness and understanding of the secrets of creation and history.

The Scroll of War describes war between the sons of darkness, led by Ben-Belial, and the Sons of Light, a battle in which both angels and mortals participate. The fighting will begin with the blowing of trumpets of the priests in the light army, tools that will be used to give signs throughout the fighting. After six systems, the hand of God will decide the battle in the seventh battle.

The text leaves many open questions, such as how the participating characters will look, a situation that leaves a wide space for the imagination of artists. This is how Leonid Federol’s photographic works and the works of Juliana Gorcorov and the joint works by both Juliana and Leonid were made. The joint works are made using the Fotomanere technique, which combines photography, painting and sculpture. This technique was developed by Alina Kbitkovsky and Yuliana Gorkorov in 2009.

The “Last Generation” project includes photomontages of the everyday life of the artist Leonid Federol, which he has filmed over the last ten years. The images were taken mainly in Jerusalem, and can be seen among members of different faiths, secular, minorities, members of the gay community, tourists and more, alongside images from the artist’s reception in Photomontage. At the center of the events in Pedrol’s works are the city of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and the energy surrounding them.



Juliana Gorkorov

In the era of globalization and digitization, intercultural dialogue has a new meaning. Many words have become national, but when these words are written in a foreign alphabet they can not be identified. Juliana Gorcorov’s work offers a solution to this problem – the system of symbols BABEL2014, which creates a common text for the Hebrew, Latin, Arabic and Cyrillic alphabets

Call for proposals for the exhibition

We invite artists, curators, non-profit organizations and organizations to submit proposals for exhibitions to be displayed at the Cinematheque’s gallery. You can submit offers in a variety of 2D media such as photography, drawing, drawing and design.
We will send a confirmation email receipt to each sender, so if you do not receive a confirmation email from us, the file size you sent is probably too heavy and you should contact us.

A show at Cinematheque’s gallery is subject to a fee.
For more information please contact Tomertomerk@cinema.co.il


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