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About the Cinematheque


The Tel Aviv Cinematheque opened its doors in May 1973 with the unique vision of offering the Israeli public an intimate and profound experience of the art of cinema – truly the art of the 21st century – and, through the audiovisual medium, expose viewers to the arts at large. A home to Israeli films and filmmakers, the Cinematheque serves as a gathering place for industry professionals and cinephiles alike.

Our newest wing includes five luxurious auditoriums equipped with state-of-the-art projection and sound systems, a café, and a restaurant.

With over 1,500 different films screened each year, The Tel Aviv Cinematheque’s rich program features fresh releases alongside cult classics, fiction films and documentaries, avant-premières and film festivals, and academic lectures and meetings with international filmmakers and artists.

The Cinematheque is open during all the week and welcomes 60,000 visitors monthly. Featuring an exclusive program of classic, experimental, and arthouse cinema, the Cinematheque is the true film lover’s alternative to commercial movie theatres. We also offer a wide variety of educational programs on film art and history that encourage our audiences to acquire a deeper appreciation of cinematic endeavor and experience.

As an educational body, the Cinematheque works to promote film literacy and a love of cinema. The Cinematheque’s role in education and academia and its emphasis on the artistic values and principles of cinema truly set it apart from traditional film schools and help engage a new generation of viewers.

So much more than just a movie theater, the Cinematheque offers a wide variety of activities year-round. In addition to our regular monthly program, which includes exclusive premieres, themed film series, retrospectives, and international film weeks, the Tel Aviv Cinematheque offers enrichment courses on cinema and provides a platform for young artists, experimental films, and more.

The Cinematheque hosts a variety of film festivals, including Doc Aviv (the International Documentary Film Festival); the Animix festival of animation, comics and caricature; the Ori Sonin “Clip Tza’ir” music video competition; the Jazz Festival; the International Children and Youth Film Festival; The Icon Festival for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Role-Playing; TLVFest (the Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival); the SPIRIT Film Festival; and many more.

The Cinematheque’s activities: 

♦  Supporting and promoting Israeli cinema

♦  Film screenings

♦  Providing a platform for young artists

♦  Contests

♦  Enrichment programs

♦  Academic programs

♦  Appealing to diverse audiences and attracting a loyal viewer base

♦  The “Cinematheque” film journal

♦  Film Archives and Information Center

♦  Film festivals, week-long series, retrospectives, and special events

“Cinematheque”– Israel’s only film periodical – is published by the Tel Aviv Cinematheque and distributed among its members. The Cinematheque’s Film Archives and Information Center is the largest of its kind in Israel. In addition to housing the former Israeli Film Institute’s extensive library, the Center accommodates nearly 35,000 video tapes and CDs, 10,000 books, thousands of magazines, and hundreds of newspaper clippings, photographs, and posters. The Film Archives and Information Center serves film professionals and aficionados nationwide and collaborates with centers and institutes overseas.

The Tel Aviv Cinematheque has five auditoriums and screens over 1,500 films each year.