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todayshowToday Cinematheque
22.07.18 22.07.18 - Sun
todayshowהיום בסינמטק
22.07.18 22.07.18 - Sun
Departments and functionaries


Departments and functionaries

CEO 03-6060808
Dina Peled
Public Inquiries 03-6060808
Vice President
George Mansour, attorney
Cinematheque funds 03-6060800
Customer Service
Secretary of Management 03-6060806
Tony Treen-Pacek
Coordination of halls and events
Tony Treen-Pacek 03-6060806
events 03-6060802
Racheli Nir
Marketing, sales and service manager 03-6060833
Smadar Bracha
Customer Service Manager 03-6060823
Mia Gulk After
Content department manager 03-6060804
Pini Shatz
Coordinator of Digital Media Sector 03-6060822
Doron Lachman
The Film Library
Director of the Film Library 03-6060815
Tomer Cap
Library staff
Dr. Yizhar Dror
Amit Itzker
Education Department
Director of the Education Department 03-6060825
Michal Matus
Coordination and production 03-6060827
Avital Shalev
Department of Finance:
Director of Finance
Rachel Shemesh, CPA
salary calculator
Account managers
Louisa Norov
Ofra Levy

Department of New Media



Director of the Department of New Media
Oded Baggio
Director of Special Artistic Projects
They glowed
Coordinator of projects
Dror Rosenberg
Director of the screening unit
Yuval Karpf 03-6060834
Director of Operations
Eli Inbar 03-6060839
Director of Safety and Maintenance
Noam Solmi 03-6060811
Cinematheque funds
Janna Golan
Yaffa Peer