Port., Eng. Sub | 94 min
Brazil, 2017
Director: Marcelo Caetano
Actors: Marcelo Caetano, Gabriel Domingues
In his first feature film, director Marcelo Caetano succeeds in creating a realistic piece reminiscent of the masterpieces directed by Laurent Cantet – Human Resources, The Class and Time Out. The difference lies in the setting. Caetano's film comes from Sao Paolo, Brazil, its warmth and colorfulness all the more visible when set against the cooler work of the French director.
Elias works for a fashion designer in a large workshop. He is her executive right-hand man, yet his dream is to become a designer. His boss's brother, the head of human resources, disapproves of Elias's good relations with the workmen. They, the most insignificant cogs in the system, bring interest into his life. He spends his nights partying and drinking with the workers, even finding love with one of the young men. Yet all of this poses a challenge to Elias.
Viewing is 16+